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Turning 'What Ifs' Into Success

Our Founder's Vision

​At the core of Performance Enhanced Delivery (PED) is Rich Johnston, whose approach to agricultural technology is framed by a practical "what if" perspective. Rich’s expertise is driven by his deep immersion in the industry and a keen sense of listening, which enables him to develop solutions that effectively address the specific needs of farmers.


Innovation Through Pragmatism

Rich’s approach is grounded in pragmatism, honed through years of industry experience and a responsiveness to its evolving demands. This pragmatic methodology, coupled with his ability to harness insights across various sectors, has driven the development of PED's distinct product offerings. Each product evolves from traditional methods, focusing on enhancing usability and effectiveness rather than reimagining them.

Optimized Banding for Maximum Efficiency

PED is distinguished in the agricultural sector by its optimized banding techniques, which ensure that each product delivers nutrients in the most efficient manner possible. This precision in application minimizes waste and maximizes the impact of each treatment, catering specifically to the contemporary needs of agriculture.


The Science Behind Performance Enhanced Delivery

Under Rich’s guidance, PED has advanced its technologies with two patented systems: a biodegradable coating for slow and delayed release, and a specialized liquid product for optimal nutrient delivery at critical growth stages of crops. These innovations reflect a blend of scientific rigor and practical application, aiming to ensure reliability and high performance across our product range.

What If's In Agricultural Inputs

Performance Enhanced Delivery (PED) is poised to be a pioneering company in the agricultural input sector. With years of research and development behind us, we specialize in creating fertilizers, nutrients, and pesticide solutions designed to optimize agricultural inputs. Our focus is on delivering efficient, effective, and farmer considerate products.

Performance Enhanced Delivery — Turning 'What If's' Into Success