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Turning 'What Ifs' Into Success

Benefits of Using PED's Agricultural Solutions

At Performance Enhanced Delivery, we understand the challenges you face... That's why we've developed a comprehensive line of agricultural solutions, including our MVP coating, specialized liquid products, and innovative biopesticides, all designed with your farming needs in mind.


MVP Coating for Water Sensitive Materials

  • Enhanced Nutrient Utilization: Our bio-based, biodegradable coating ensures slow and controlled release of nutrients, maximizing availability and minimizing waste.

  • Resistance to Leaching: The controlled release mechanism significantly reduces nutrient loss under wet conditions, keeping more nutrients available for your plants.

  • Reduced Fertilizer Costs: Extended nutrient release reduces the need for multiple applications, saving time and cutting operational costs.

Specialized Liquid Products

  • Targeted Nutrient Delivery: Formulated for precise application during critical growth stages, our liquid products ensure optimal plant health and maximize yield potential by delivering essential nutrients efficiently.

  • Efficient Absorption: Designed for rapid uptake, these products reduce wastage and enhance nutrient effectiveness, ensuring plants receive the benefits swiftly.

  • Adaptable Application: Our liquid products are versatile in application, suitable for various irrigation systems and foliar feeding, facilitating ease of use and compatibility with existing farming practices.

Specialty Approaches We Are Working On:

  • New Biopesticides: Biopesticides crafted from natural, biodegradable materials, providing effective pest control with minimal impact on the ecosystem.

  • Cold Weather Protection: Products formulated to protect crops from frost and enhance resilience during cold snaps.

  • Organic Fertilizer Options: A selection of certified organic fertilizers that supply nutrients entirely from natural sources, suitable for organic farming practices.

Economics and ROI

Explore our innovative approaches that turn 'what if's' into reality, where cost-effectiveness meets strategic advancement. Our products are designed to be economically viable, reducing input costs while simultaneously improving crop yields, ensuring a return on investment. With our Performance Enhanced Delivery (PED) approach, enhancing your farm's operations doesn't come at the expense of profitability. Instead, it boosts both your operational efficiency and your bottom line. Click to connect and discover how our unique products can address time, labor and money.