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A new approach to fertilizing is on the horizon... Be among the pioneers:

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Level Up Your Fertilizer Efficiency

Transform how fertilizer inputs are delivered right from the start, leveraging precision, sustainability, and unmatched efficiencies.

Our technology champions a bio-based, biodegradable innovation that is set to form a new standard for traditional fertilizer practices.
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Longevity in the Field

Economic Efficiency

Optimized Release


Introducing the Future of Efficient Fertilizer Use

Unlock the potential of water-sensitive fertilizers with our patent pending technology. This state-of-the-art solution minimizes applications (e.g. over-application, runoff, volatilization, and denitrification) and maximizes nutrient delivery, ensuring your crops get exactly what they need, when they need it. Our technology is poised to deliver:

  • Time-Saving: Reducing the frequency of fertilizer applications, freeing up valuable time for other farm activities.
  • Resource Efficiency: Our technology optimizes traditional nutrient delivery, leading to less waste and more savings on overall fertilizer costs.
  • Advanced Precision: Delivers an extended supply of nutrients (during critical stages), enhancing crop growth with minimal effort.

Boost Performance and Improve Efficiency

Transform your fertilizer practices with our technology designed to optimize the delivery of moisture-sensitive nutrients. This isn’t just an advancement; it's a complete overhaul of what's possible in fertilizer application. Our breakthrough technology goes beyond simply enhancing traditional fertilizers—it is poised to redefine the effectiveness and manageability of challenging elements like calcium nitrate, urea, and trace elements. Prepare for a new era of agricultural efficiency with our unique application methods that reduce the need for repeated field applications, leading to impressive savings in time, labor, and expenses.

Breakthrough Ingredient Compatibility:

Say goodbye to limitations. Our technology adeptly overcomes notorious blending challenges that have long hindered the use of advanced, moisture-sensitive fertilizers. Issues such as melting or clumping are a thing of the past, unlocking new possibilities for optimization and use. Learn more about how we are poised to transform the future with our breakthrough technology.

Unlocking Enhanced Efficiency:

By minimizing nutrient loss and volatilization, our technology ensures that every granule of fertilizer is utilized to its fullest potential. This leads to optimized nutrient use, boosted plant growth, and a leap towards sustainability—benefitting your bottom line.

Targeted Fertilizer Application: Experience Precision Today

Unlock the potential of tomorrow’s precision agriculture today. Our technology not only prolongs the effectiveness of fertilizers but also has the potential to reduce application frequency. This translates into lower operational costs and healthier, more robust crops.