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Turning 'What Ifs' Into Success

Field Study

Extended Nutrient Release


The application of a bio-based, biodegradable coating to water-sensitive materials, including calcium nitrate, is hypothesized to enhance the efficiency of these materials by extending their release durations. This extension is expected to reduce labor and input costs by minimizing the frequency of applications and maximizing the effectiveness over a duration of time when used, providing significant agricultural benefits.



Traditional agricultural methods face challenges with materials like calcium nitrate, which is sensitive to moisture and heat, leading to rapid nutrient loss and frequent applications, increasing labor and operational costs.


The study verified that a bio-based, coating significantly enhances the retention and release duration of nutrients in calcium nitrate. Treated plots consistently showed higher calcium levels, particularly notable from weeks 2, 3, and 5.


Implementing this innovative coating allows farmers to reduce the frequency of fertilizer applications, thereby cutting down on labor and input costs. The extended nutrient release enhances crop health and yield.


Calcium Retention


Reduced Nutrient Loss

Turning 'What Ifs' into Success

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