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Turning 'What Ifs' Into Success

Field Study

Enhancing Calcium Nitrate Stability

Advanced Nutrient Coating Technology
This study proposes that an advanced coating technology can enhance nutrient retention and release, particularly focusing on calcium nitrate, known for its vulnerability to moisture and heat. By stabilizing these materials and facilitating prolonged nutrient release, the technology may extend their lifespan, improve nutrient availability, and revolutionize farming practices. Additionally, the anticipated positive impact on crop health, by increasing essential elements' availability in soil, plant tissues, and fruits, further underscores the transformative potential of this innovative approach.



Calcium nitrate, vital for plant health, rapidly degrades under environmental conditions such as moisture and heat. This instability necessitates frequent reapplications, leading to increased costs and inconsistent nutrient delivery, posing significant challenges in agricultural productivity.


Field trials demonstrated that advanced coating technology significantly enhanced the retention and controlled release of nutrients in calcium nitrate. Treated plots maintained higher nutrient levels, reducing the frequency of applications and enhancing crop health and productivity effectively.


This innovative coating technology offers a versatile and sustainable approach to managing sensitive agricultural materials like calcium nitrate. By stabilizing these materials, the technology improves crop health and productivity, reduces operational costs, and aligns with sustainable agricultural practices.


Enhanced Calcium Retention


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Turning 'What Ifs' into Success

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