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Turning 'What Ifs' Into Success

Field Study

Weather Resilience

The application of a bio-based, biodegradable coating to fertilizers not only enhances their weather resilience by providing robust protection during adverse weather conditions but also significantly extends the nutrient release period. This innovative coating ensures that effective nutrient levels are consistently provided and maintained in the soil for extended durations, even under conditions of heavy rainfall, thereby optimizing plant growth and reducing the need for frequent reapplications.



Adverse weather conditions often result in the rapid release, deterioration, and leaching of fertilizers, which compromise nutrient availability for crops. Traditional methods using sulfur, plastic, or synthetic coatings have limitations in protecting these nutrients under such challenging environmental conditions.


The study demonstrated that fertilizers coated with the new bio-based, biodegradable material maintained higher levels of nutrients, particularly calcium and nitrogen, in the soil even during periods of heavy rainfall. This contrasted significantly with the uncoated fertilizers, which showed substantial nutrient depletion under similar conditions.


Introducing this bio-based, coating provides a sustainable and effective alternative to traditional fertilizer coatings. By enhancing weather resilience and reducing nutrient leaching, this innovation not only improves fertilizer efficiency and crop yield but also decreases environmental impact, paving the way for more sustainable agricultural practices.


Calcium Improvement In 8-Weeks


Nitrogen Increase In 1-Week

Turning 'What Ifs' into Success

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